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111 entries.
Mat Mat from Hannut (Belgique) wrote on 15 February 2023 at 19h55
Troisième stage avec notre ami Clément. Encore un excellent moment. Il y a toujours à apprendre et il est exceptionnel pour nous corriger et nous faire progresser. Merci Clément !!!
Lucie Lucie from Prague wrote on 30 November 2022 at 17h25
Great experience and a completely new look at things and phylosophy of driving, Clèment is a great teacher! I can recomand to everybody!
Zeljko Zeljko from Oslo wrote on 26 November 2022 at 12h26
I came back from Metz doing the course last weekend and feel like sharing a few words.

If you catch yourself watching Anti Pilote de Ligne Droit videos more than twice, it's time for you to plan yourself a trip to France. 😄

It will be more than worth it, you will learn a lot and acquire fantastic new skills which may also save you from a possible future crash, if you rely solely on countersteering to turn and one day slippery surface betrays you.

This is more than just riding a motorcycle, it's about increasing overall awareness and proprioception about you and your body.
If you have ever done any martial art in your life, you'll find strong resemblence, it's about finding that fine delicate feel for things and perfecting it.

Yes, this is a martial art, and Clément is a sensei. A motorcycle Yoda which will show you your way to become a Jedi knight. 😎

He'll take you into the deep dark forest where 2+2=5 and you cannot (!) fall of the motorcycle.
You'll be up exploring the uncharted territory through a series of challenging tasks and brilliant exercises and each will grab you way out of your comfort zone but at the end you will manage!!! 😊

Come fit!
The body effort needed to lean the motorcycle Japanese style is very tough on your core, as you need to hold your body yourself at all times, so better come as fit as you can, do stability exercises, planks, side planks and push-ups.

Come prepared!
Study all the major Anti Pilote de Ligne Droit videos so you can ask all the right questions.

Take your girlfriend/wife with you!
Metz is a beautiful place and France at its best!

The closest international airport to Metz is in Luxembourg, which is only 1h train ride away.
That's a convenient way to arrive.

My advice: take a week off and do two courses on two consecutive weekends! 😉
Ondrej Ondrej from Prague wrote on 1 October 2022 at 23h23
I've attended a two day course in Prague. I've learnt not only a bunch of new skills, but rather a whole new philosophy of riding a bike. It's been a very enjoyable experience physically, emotionally and mentally. Thanks for opening a new dimension for me, Clément!
Denis Gusella Denis Gusella from St nom la bretèche ( Versailles) wrote on 29 August 2022 at 11h29
J’ai effectué un deuxième stage avec Clément!
Le premier m’aura convaincu de ne pas contre-braquer..le deuxième m’a imposé une autre évidence: la moto ne tombe pas si on ne bloque pas le guidon !
Je résume ..mais un stage avec Clément consiste toujours en une prise de conscience provoquée par un discours théorique technique et argumenté , et une mise en pratique convaincante, intense et ,à la fin , ludique.
Je suis conscient que cette séquence ne sera pas la dernière, et me réjouis déjà à l’idée d’apprendre encore et de partager une réelle passion pour le pilotage intelligent avec un maître en la matière.
Chris Chris from Kent wrote on 25 August 2022 at 14h42
First of all Clement is a genius on a motorbike. Riding pillion with him as part of the instruction is an experience to remember. Although I was on the bike I could hardly believe what was happening, the lean angle experience is exhilarating and the rear wheel feels like it pivots upon itself on a tight turn.
Practising over three days was hard work but fun and the third day for me was particularly tiring. I see the value of having a rest day on the Sunday!
The exercises were methodical and challenging but I gradually became more confident and having made good progress I know that there is more to come with regular practise. I definately finished the course as a more confident rider.
Thank you Clement for the course and sharing your knowledge on this unique bike experience.
Highly recommended.
Patrick CROCHARD Patrick CROCHARD from La Ferté Saint Aubin wrote on 5 August 2022 at 19h02
Un mois après un stage de deux jours avec Clément ou j'ai découvert avec plaisir une nouvelle approche du pilotage. Certes, ce fut deux journées intenses mais une belle découverte.
Un excellent moniteur à l'écoute .
Merci Clément, tous les jours je me prends un moment pour travailler les exercices que l'on a fait ensemble.
Bonne continuation

BEN BEN from MLC wrote on 29 July 2022 at 19h02
Super stage, ça été une découverte. J'ai apprécié les approches pédagogiques.
Merci Clément et ton "lâcher prise !!" et aussi l'équipe qui nous a accueilli.
Maintenant "y a plu ka"
Appel de phare -BEN
Alfred Shippen Alfred Shippen from Melbourne, Australia wrote on 11 July 2022 at 11h05
What a fantastic two days! Physically demanding, mentally rewarding. Arrived thinking I knew how to ride at low speeds, come away with new skills controlling a motorcycle without handlebar input whilst turning (using body), learning to work with the physics of the motorcycle to overcome the fear of falling. It was amazing what we achieved in the two short days! Definitely came away a much better rider / pilot!
Denis Mangin Denis Mangin from Nancy wrote on 9 July 2022 at 19h30
Super stage avec des conseils personnalisés pour être sûr de progresser. Il faut réapprendre à conduire, ce n'est pas le plus simple : lâcher prise, se laisser tomber. On ne peut pas se faire mal, il n'y a pas de fond!
Merci pour tout Clément, j'ai moins peur de la chute. Maintenant, à moi de mettre en pratique!