Would you like to take part in an Energetic drivability course? It’s here!

1. Select a date on the calendar

2. Dowload the registration form 1 day,  registration form 2 days or the registration form 3 days

3. Fill out the registration form and send it only by email to the following address: contact@antipilotedelignedroite.fr

When we will receive your document, we will send you a confirmation email. At this moment, we will ask you a deposit of 30% of the price to confirm your presence.

Training course’s description

We are located in Metz (France). During the training course, there are 2 parts : the theory and the practice. Both realized on the “Kinepolis” cinema parking (10 avenue Paul Langevin 57070 Saint Julien les Metz)

The training courses are adapted for everybody, for all the personnals levels whether you already have a motorcycle driving license or not.

We accept a maximum of 4 trainees, to offer personalized and adapted training according to the progress of each one.

We provide protected motorcycles (gsxr1000, bmw1200rt, cbr650f and cb500-A2) on which you can complete the entire course, but you can obviously come with your own motorcycle and exercise with it.

Training course’s program

1st day : 2h theory (1h for 1-day course) + 5h practice (6h for 1-day course)

2nd day  : 7h practice

3rd day  : 6h practice

Training course’s types and prices

We have 2 types of training courses :

  • 1 day (contact us for the day) = 7h                 => 250,00 €
  • 2 days (friday and saturday) = 14h                  => 399,00 €
  • 3 days (friday, saturday and monday) = 20h  => 570,00 €

If these types of courses do not suit you, you can contact us to find a solution

The calendar

This list is not definitive. If no date is suitable for you, it is always possible to schedule new ones, in this case, contact us.