Moto Gymkhana is a motorcycle sport, coming from Japan, since already over 30 years old there. But it starts to grows little by little in all around the World. And this year, we’ll have the 6th European Championship who will happen in France 

This is a very simple concept. You’ll have to run a race with tight turns, and you’ll have to do it the faster you can. As a race could be hard to memorize, there is a code with the color of the cones: when it is red, you have to do a right turn, when it is blue, you have to do a left turn, when it is red, with a yellow circle, you have to do a 360 to the right (to the left when it is blue, with a yellow circle), and yelleow cones are only gates. More over, everybody can walk the race before the competition, during a few time, to recognize it, and you have a drawing of the race.
If you fall during the race, you can continue the race, without any penalities: you loose only the time you need to raise your bike. If you put a feet on the ground, or if you move a cone, you will have a penality of 1s per cone, or 3s when it is a cone of the final box

There is no rules about how you ride (sic), this means you can ride as you want to ride. But the bike needs to be validated for Traffic rules.

This last thing is important: doing Moto Gymkhana is not a training course! It can only make you better on what you are used to do in terms of riding skills, but it can’t learn you new skills. If you want to learn to ride differently, you’ll need first to do a training course in order to learn basics, and then use this new skills by doing Moto Gymkhana.