Training courses that are... Internationals!

Posted 05 may 2019 by Clément

  • Thoses who are coming from other countries, to our city here in Metz, to learn the Energetic Drivability skills thanks to our training course

Started since 2015, the training course we are provided seems to attract people from all other the World. It already started in 2017 with some trainees coming from Taïwan, Turkey, Netherlands, etc, then in 2018 from Indonesia, Latvia, Italia, etc, and this year with Boreth for example which is coming from… Californie, or Rolf, who is coming from Manosque 🙂

  • Or we can come to other countries (outside France) to provide the Energetic Drivability Training Course

This year, thanks to Arvids from Latvia, we went directly to Riga, in Latvia, to provide there a Training Course. Amazing experiment it was!

stage moto international anti pilote de ligne droite en Lettonie à Riga