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  • Advanced motorcycle riding courses

Who am I ?


My name is Clément Duval

I got several degrees, here are the most importants : 

moto gymkhana anti pilote de ligne droite BMW

I got my Motorcycle driving licence in 2007 at the “Mario” driving school in Metz. Since then, I had several motorcycles : er6n, fjr 1300, cbr650f, and now, I’m lucky to have a gsxr1000.

In 2010, I had an accident… This made me think about my skills, about what I learned about how to drive a motorcycle and about my own motorcycle’s driving style. Then, I saw some movies about riders from Japan (the most famous, the one with the red CBR600RR), and I wondered: wow, how are they doing that ?? At this low speed, they can’t hurt themselves, but I am sure that they have so fucking great sensations while driving like that.

This was my motivation to think about how they do to drive like that. And I had a lot of time to think about it (my right leg was completely broken)… More over, I had to learn to walk again, and this helped a lot to understand the new feeling I will have to accept to drive like the Japaneses. Then, my skills in Physicals Sciences helped me too, and after that, I tried. First, alone, then, with the trainees.

And now, I am able to teach the Energetic Drivability (like the Japanese riders)

What is my professional background?

I am working at the “Mario” driving school in Metz since 2005. I am lucky to diversify my job thanks to my differents qualifications in driving and teaching.

– between 2005 and 2009, I was car teacher –

– since 2009, I am motorcycle teacher, but I also train people to drive trailers, and also participate in the training of future car and motorcycle teachers

– since 2016, I provide Energetic Drivability training courses and advanced courses, for people who have motorcycle driving licence or not –

– since 2019, I have developed these training courses internationally (Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium…) –

In the Moto Gymkhana world

For me, the Moto Gymkhana is in the first time a sport that allows me to let off steam and enjoy myself at a lower risk. Indeed, the maximum speed reached on a car park does not exceed 40km/h.

When I create my courses, I make sure I can please myself, and practice in terms of drivability : that is, I will avoid the “straight lines” and prefer the tightest turns possible. The sensations felt during these turns are incomparable and in the order of several “g”.

These feelings felt during my Moto Gymkhana sessions have made me a bit of an extremist, in the sense that I don’t find so much feeling and pleasure on the road. Even during my few rides in the Alps, where the turns are the tightest and most interesting for the vast majority of bikers, they are always too wide for what I’m looking for.

For the competition, I first took part in it a few times in the Netherlands. But I don’t have the soul of a competitor, which gave me a break for a few years. In 2019, I created the course of the European Moto Gymkhana championship in “Bourg en Bresse”. I then competed in two friendly competitions in Belgium in 2021, then at the Catalanya cup in Spain in March 2022.

Anne Pascalede Liège le 11 février 2022 à 17h19
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Que dire.. second stage … 2 ans entre … et que de choses encore à apprendre. Promis je vais travailler encore et encore ces sensations que ce we m'a permis de ressentir, avec ta manière individuelle de résoudre les "problèmes"...
Jedrejezakde Dinan, le 10 février 2022 à 18h14
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Hier encore ca ne tournait pas rond, obligé de lever le pied, de débrayer et de passer le second degré ! Fallait lâcher prise et Clément m'a mis au courant! Un excellent conducteur ! Pas loin du gouffre, il m'a poussé vers l'avant ...
Kathleende Schaerbeek, le 7 février 2022 à 22h34
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Que dire … je suis toujours aussi impressionnée par le sens d’observation et l’analyse de Clément. Il arrive toujours à s’adapter au niveau de son élève, à voir ce qui le coince, à lui faire comprendre, à trouver les exercices personnalisés...
Roothooftde Bure Belgique, le 24 janvier 2022 à 20h05
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Mon mari et moi avons passé 2 jours exceptionnels, une technique de conduite unique qui permet de se sortir de situations difficiles sur la route...
Alexisde Vernon, le 17 janvier 2022 à 14h54
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Merci beaucoup à Clément pour ses 2 jours passés certe dans le froid, mais dans la bonne humeur et riche en apprentissages. Comme quoi il n’y a pas besoin de vitesse...
Ronnyde Zürich, le 19 septembre 2021 à 20h11
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2 unforgettable days. Years after an accident, I was used to drive almost straight only. My back was tight and hurted. On straight lines I could have fun with the power of my bike only and a loose rear was joy too...
Xavier Jungmannde Bligny les Beaune, le 14 septembre 2021 à 17h05
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2 appréhensions avant le stage : me retrouver avec des gens bien plus expérimentés et que le formateur ne fasse qu'appliquer des procédures. Sa débute mal : on m'offre un café. J'ai tout de suite été rassuré...
Eric Larcherde Saint-Dizier, le 9 septembre 2021 à 9h25
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Plante ta fesse, sert toi de tes transverses abdos,(et non de tes travers😃….), laisse tomber la moto, va jusqu’à la butée, ferme les yeux, laisse le guidon se poser seul, n’oublie pas que la moto ne tombera pas...
Fannyde Genève, le 7 septembre 2021 à 22h24
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Je manquais de confiance sur la moto, notamment dans les virages. Ce stage de maniabilité m’a permis de comprendre comment la moto se comporte et comment s’adapter pour la conduire avec souplesse et confort....
Laurentde Tours, le 31 août 2021 à 18h20
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Stage très intéressant où faire corps avec sa moto prend une autre signification, non plus pour dominer absolument sa machine mais c'est plutôt apprendre à positionner son corps de manière à laisser s'exprimer...