Welcome to «  »Anti Pilote de Ligne Droite »« , for you guys who love tight and fast corners 🙂

Pilote de ligne droite (Straight Line's Riders) : Everybody who is riding fast in straight lines

We are a group of riders, but we don’t think that a motorcycle is made to go fast. By the way, when somebody asks me « at which maximum speed could go your bike? », I am used to answer: « 2 is the maximum ». I let you imagine why 🙂
A bike is made for something else: thanks to its instability, it is so much maneuverable. It is common to fear about instability, but when you know how to use it, you will not fall on the ground anymore, and then, you’ll be able to turn so tight, but with « more speed » that you think it is possible. So, this allows you to do all turns safer and with a lot of sensations, and the tighter the turn is, the stronger the sensations are 🙂
This is why at the end, when you have a great mastering of this, you are doing Moto Gymkhana. But even if you don’t want to do Moto Gymkhana, the Japanese’s style of piloting a motorcycle, helps you to be safer when you cross some difficult situations on traffic lanes: you will pass them so easily, feeling some fun in the same time…
This Website is made for those who recognize themselves in this previous description, and who would like to know more about us (and our training courses). And why not join us? 🙂

Have fun to visit it:)