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What Energetic Drivability is ?

First of all, an important precision: The “Japanese-style” riding has its origin in the way the Japanese ride their bike, but is not limited to Japanese motorcycles only.

Hypermaniability is the alliance between pleasure and technical mastery.

It’s a term that describes a different concept of piloting from classical teaching. It originated in Japan, where their culture of body and self control makes it more natural. That is why we are also talking about Japanese-style maneuverability. This way of doing things is also found in aeronautics, and had received the name of Energetic Maniability by its designer at the time, Mr Boyd.

This way of driving offers a very great Maniability, whatever the speed. Indeed, even if it’s often associated with the “slow” look, and the Moto Gymkhana, it’s not limited to these two areas. This is really a way of driving that can be applied without restrictions. On the other side, it requires to sit on many of the usual principles of motorcycle riding, and uses a lot of “fall energy”, but without ending up on the ground. So it’s an anecdotal way of flying.

As a matter of principle, any motorcycle is manageable. But the Hyper Maniability will not only make it even more manageable, but at the same time more pleasant and safer.

More manageable - safer - more pleasant

More manageable, because we will learn to modify the geometry of the bike while riding. But it is this that defines the basic maniability of the bike. To be able to modify it by our gestures, will allow us to gain maniability according to the needs: a greater variety of geometry allows to respond to more numerous driving situations.

Safer, because we will use the physical forces that exist in motion, such as inertia, centrifugal force and fall. The latter two often have bad advertising, when precisely, if we learn to use them, they will not be resistant, but catchy. We will be able to force the bike less, and therefore less constrain it, thus gaining grip.

More pleasant, because the result of these gestures and forces that we will solicit, will provide sensations of acceleration, without needing to go fast. These sensations can go up to several “g” for the most extremist among us. For normal use, one approaches the “1g”, which will make the manoeuvring of the U-turn more pleasant (a taste of return) and not binding.

Unfortunately, a video can’t really transcribe the sensations that are felt when you ride your bike in this way, so the best is to come and test, as a passenger during a demo day, or by practicing yourself, during a training course, for example.

Thierryde Corroy-le-château a écrit le 27 février 2023
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Et hop, encore un stage chez Clément. On pourrait penser qu'après plusieurs stages, on arrive au bout … PAS DU TOUT...
Matde Hannut (Belgique) a écrit le 15 février 2023
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Troisième stage avec notre ami Clément. Encore un excellent moment. Il y a toujours à apprendre et il est exceptionnel pour nous corriger et nous faire progresser. Merci Clément !!!
Luciede Prague a écrit le 30 novembre 2022
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Great experience and a completely new look at things and phylosophy of driving, Clèment is a great teacher! I can recomand to everybody!...
Zeljkode Oslo a écrit le 26 novembre 2022
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I came back from Metz doing the course last weekend and feel like sharing a few words...
Ondrejde Prague a écrit le 1 octobre 2022
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I've attended a two day course in Prague. I've learnt not only a bunch of new skills, but rather a whole new philosophy of riding a bike...
Denis Gusellade St nom la bretèche ( Versailles) a écrit le 29 août 2022
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J’ai effectué un deuxième stage avec Clément! Le premier m’aura convaincu de ne pas contre-braquer...
Chrisde Kent a écrit le 25 août 2022
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First of all Clement is a genius on a motorbike. Riding pillion with him as part of the instruction is an experience to remember...
Patrick CROCHARDde La Ferté Saint Aubin a écrit le 5 août 2022
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Un mois après un stage de deux jours avec Clément ou j'ai découvert avec plaisir...
Bende MLC a écrit le 29 juillet 2022
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Super stage, ça été une découverte. J'ai apprécié les approches pédagogiques. Merci Clément et ton "lâcher prise !!" ...
Alfred Shippende Melbourne, Australia a écrit le 11 juillet 2022
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What a fantastic two days! Physically demanding, mentally rewarding. Arrived thinking I knew how to ride at low speeds, come away with new skills....