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News for Anti Pilote de Ligne Droite

News for Anti Pilote de Ligne Droite

Posted 21 january 2023 by Clément

This year will be full of new features for APLD! For now, everything is in progress, we will tell you more as soon as everything is officially validated!

Attention spoiler: new bikes set up for our trainees, more regular training courses in France and internationally…

bmw 1200 rt

Another training course in the Czech Republic!

Another training course in the Czech Republic!

Posted 03 october 2022 by Clément

For the second time, I had the pleasure of going to Prague. Shantanu has again called on me to make discover or rediscover the Energetic Drivability over 4 days to a 10 trainees.

Another great experience with nice progressions for everyone.

Thanks again for everything!

stage moto prague

European championship Moto Gymkhana

European championship Moto Gymkhana

Posted 03 july 2022 by Clément

The first weekend of July was the European Moto Gymkhana Championship at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

On Friday, it was a training day that we were not able to participate in because of an Energy Drivability course.

On Saturday, the 60 participants were separated into 4 level groups, which toured every 15 minutes on the course.

On Sunday, the competition took place. At the end of the 2 heats, I positioned 22nd, a rear brake problem that forced me to drive another bike did not allow me to keep my 13th place in the 1st heat.

Special mention to Arvid, a Latvian trainee who finished 11th on the handlebars of his gsxr 1000 with original handlebars and stopsteering as well as to Sophie, trainee who finishes 3rd in the category “girl”. Congratulations also to Vincent too, nice course but disqualified following a mistake.

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend a very enjoyable time!

Partnering with National Police for a Day of Saddling

Partnering with National Police for a Day of Saddling

Posted 29 march 2022 by Clément

On March 27, 2022, there was a saddle day organised by the national police. The technical part of the morning was entrusted to us. Nice meetings, and a good spirit shared by participants and police officers.

A report on the day was made, as well as a small video as I like them.

Thanks to Stéphane and his colleagues for their confidence, thanks to Marc for allowing us to use the school motorcycle track, thanks to the journalist for the report and thanks to the participants.

International competition in Catalonia (Spain)

International competition in Catalonia (Spain)

Posted 12 march 2022 by Clément

Last weekend was held the Catalanya cup of Moto Gymkhana at the Alcarras circuit in Catalonia (Spain). This competition brought together riders from differents countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, United States, etc… Unfortunately, the riders from Russia and Ukraine were not able to join us, given the current situation.

3 days have passed between fun, training and competition, of which I finished 18th out of 45 participants.

The courses were not necessarily to my liking: there were too much “straight lines” or large turns and not enough tight turns as I like them, but there was a very good atmosphere and fun.

A super weekend rich in emotions and conviviality! Thank you all!

Second competition in Belgium

Second competition in Belgium

Posted 31 october 2021 by Clément

The weekend of October 24, there was a Moto Gymkhana competition in Belgium, organized by Pierre Willot, Anne Pascale and the R-Set.

We did not participate in the saturday day because of a Energetic Drivability course in Metz, but we were present for the competition on Susday.

Another beautiful day, a very good organization, a course as we like them, and an atmosphere of madness thanks to all the participants (or not participants) present. Thanks again for everything.

You can follow our friends from Belgium on facebook 

Another international course… In Switzerland this time!​

Another international course... In Switzerland this time!

Posted 02 october 2021 by Clément

This time, I met my trainees in Switzerland (Zurich)

Another course that went perfectly.

You can find the videos on the Facebook page of Moto Gymkhana Switzerland

Thank you for your confidence, and see you next year!

stage moto suisse
stage moto suisse

International course in Czech Republic

International course in Czech Republic

Posted 23 august 2021 by Clément

Here we are, we have just finished 2 Energetic Drivability courses over 2 days in Prague. A new adventure, rich in good humor. Thank you to all our trainees for your welcome and your investment: Shantanu, Thomas, Ségolène, Sophie, Philippe, Emilien, Monica and Rudolphe.

This course was really international: many nationalities were represented: Czech, French, English, Swedish, Romanian.

We will meet again soon (very soon for some).

Thanks again for everything!


Very nice week-end in Belgium. Thanks to Pierre Willot and his association “Moto Liberté”

Very nice week-end in Belgium. Thanks to Pierre Willot and his association "Moto Liberté"

Posted 14 july 2021 by Clément

On the Weekend of June 26 and 27, we participated at the competition organized in Rochefort (Belgium) by our friend Pierre Willot and his team of the “Moto-Liberté” association (you can find them on Facebook).

How far he has come since his first course with us. The organisation was perfect and the course as we like it: tight corners and very few straight lines. On saturday (we were not present), let’s go to training, to fun – on sunday morning, a little warm-up, then the competition (2 rounds each of which the videos will not take long), and in the afternoon, fun. In short, the atmosphere was on the date!

Thanks again to all the organizing team: Pierre, Conny, Anne Pascale and our competitive friends including Vincent, Luc and Yacine!

podium 2
podium 1

New movie “Lean and turn skills : under rain training with riding a GSXR-1000

New movie "Lean and turn skills : under rain training with riding a GSXR-1000"

Posted 11 july 2021 by Clément