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Definition about the "Anti Pilote de Ligne Droite"

Pilote de ligne droite (Straight Line's Riders) : Everybody who is riding fast in straight lines

arrêter de rouler vite

To not be a Straight Line’s Driver, you’ll need to be able to control your impulses, and to be stronger than the bad feeling you have when you are riding slowly, in order to respect the basic rules of how to drive with several different users on traffic lanes: the speed limits. Renouncing to your own will (to ride fast in this case) because your impression of danger makes you feel that there is no danger is a really hard task, and will ask you to show a great self-control. This is why, managing to respect the speed limits, although you have no driving difficulties, shows the best drivers qualities that we can see on traffic lanes.).

Because otherwise, except for these psychological qualities (thus very important), what technical qualities of driving do we need during a straight line?

Technical driving qualities are only recommanded when you do a turn tight, or when you have to brake (and sometimes, both in the same time). So the-one-who-thinks-that-he-is-not-a-Straight-Lines-Driver needs to upgrade these skills, and on his psychological qualities (self-control).

Then, we will have more skills (and pleasure) when we will cross some tight turns (because wide corners are less technical): you’ll have to lean although at low speed, you’ll have to be able to brake before AND during the turn. These driving skills are hard.

pencher la moto

First of all, this is a technical challenge (you’ll have to manage every single move of your body, to master the clutch, the throttle, the brakes…), and again, a psychological challenge too. Not only in order to respect the speed limits, but in order to be able to keep the control of your emotions and feeling (sensation of falling, to let the bike do a big part of the job). Only after that, you will be able to enjoy these new sensations, like in a roller coaster.

Again, the-one-who-thinks-that-he-is-not-a-Straight-Lines-Driver, has to keep his self-control: to respect other traffic lanes users, and to be able to have great sensations at low speed.

And this last sentence to sum up:
 « When, to contain your emotions, able you will be , a grand-master, you will… »