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Energetic Drivability’s Training Courses

Who am I ?

clément Duval anti pilote de ligne droite

My name is Clément Duval

I got several degrees, here are the most importants : 

  • BEPECASER + motorcycle teacher
  • BAFM (teacher to other diving instructors)
  • Bachelor’s degree of Physicals Sciences
stage moto anti pilote de ligne droite

I got my Motorcycle driving licence in 2007, then the licence to teach Motorcylces driving lessons in 2009. Then, I did other training courses to ride better, and to teach better how to drive a motorcycle.

And in 2010, I had an accident… This made me think about my skills, about what I learned about how to drive a motorcycle and about my own motorcycle’s driving style. Then, I saw some movies about riders from Japan (the most famous, the one with the red CBR600RR), and I wondered: wow, how are they doing that ?? At this low speed, they can’t hurt themselves, but I am sure that they have so fucking great sensations while driving like that.

This was my motivation to think about how they do to drive like that. And I had a lot of time to think about it (my right leg was completely broken)… More over, I had to learn to walk again, and this helped a lot to understand the new feeling I will have to accept to drive like the Japaneses. Then, my skills in Physicals Sciences helped me too, and after that, I tried. First, alone, then, with the trainees.

And now, I am able to teach the Energetic Drivability (like the Japanese riders)