Motorcycle's Courses "Anti Pilote de Ligne Droite"

Energetic Drivability’s Training Courses

Training Course's Description

We are located in Metz (France). During the training Course, there are 2 parts : the theory part is realized inside the “Mario” Driving School’s premises (55 rue Haute Seille 57000 Metz), and the practice part is realized on the “Kinepolis” cinema parking (10 avenue Paul Langevin 57070 Saint Julien les Metz).

The Training Courses are adapted for everybody, for all the personnals levels whether you already have a motorcycle driving license or not.

We accept a maximum of 4 trainees, to offer personalized and adapted training according to the progress of each one.

We provide protected motorcycles (cb500 and cb650) on which you can complete the entire course, but you can obviously come with your own motorcycle and exercise with it.

The Course's Types & Prices

We have 2 types of courses :

    • 2 days (Friday & Saturday) = 14h                    => 399,00 €
    • 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Monday) = 20h    => 570,00 €

If these types of courses do not suit you, you can contact us to find a solution

The Course's Program

1st Day (9h-18h)

Theory (2h)you’ll see first the theorical basics that will be the heart of the Energectic Drivability: Physics, Geometry of the Motorcycle and Physiology. This sounds classical, but you will discover and understand this points not as usual

Launch (2h) : there are restaurants nearby

Practice (5h) :  We have a very big area to train, big enough to put several exercizes, one per trainees: everybody need its own way to work, so I try to do exercize adapted for each trainees. At the beginning, there are no cones. You must acquire the gestures, the sensations, make the links between them, discover and accept new sensations. The goal is to realize that the bike does not follow at all the same trajectories as those we are used to. It is then only time to use the cones. In this part, the idea will be to use the means discovered above to establish a given trajectory. For example, the U-turn will be a tight turn that comes quickly and closes, making it one of the last exercises.


2nd Day (8h-16h)

Practice (4h)

Launch (1h)

Practice (3h) 


3rd Day (8h-15h)

Practice (4h)

Launch (1h)

Practice (2h)

Accomodation & Restoration


  • If you don’t have a means of locomotion, we recommend to find an hotel near the train station and near the  “Mario” driving school’s premises. (55 rue Haute Seille 57000 Metz)


For lunch, the are some restaurants near the practice place.

For diner, it depends on the place you sleep. You can use “Uber eats” or “Deliveroo” to make you deliver meals .

Although Covid period, we have a shelter to eat