Training Course’s Description

First of all, I have to say something important: the style of driving from the Japaneses riders comes from their way of driving, but it works too with motorcycles that are not Japaneses brands 🙂

 At any speed, you can use this way of driving, and this gives you so much more drivability. In fact, most of the time, people thinks that this way of driving is only made for low speed, and to do Moto Gymkhana. But it is wrong. You can drive like this at any speed.
BUT… this way of driving will ask you to renounce to most of the usual concepts of how to drive a Motorcycle: for example, we use A LOT the energy of the… fall, but without endind on the ground 🙂 And you’ll have to be patient to learn and when you drive like that 🙂
So the skills required are not natural for most of drivers, and this is why we propose to you, those Energetic Drivability Training Courses.

During this course, you’ll see first the theorical basics that will be the heart of the Energectic Drivability: Physics, Geometry of the Motorcycle and Physiology. This sounds classical, but you will discover and understand this points not as usual. Then, it will be time to practice. We have a very big area to train, big enough to put several exercizes, one per trainees: everybody need its own way to work, so I try to do exercize adapted for each trainees. This is the reason why we take never more than 3 or 4 trainees at a time.

We can provide a motorcyle with crash bar per trainee: this helps to accept to fall 🙂 so first, we work with those motorcycles, then the trainee work on its own bike. And for those who come from very far away, and then, who can’t come with their own bike, it is an opportunity to do the training course, as we can provide motorcycles.

When you start, you will work… without any cones! You’ll have first to do and to memorize the good movment, like a new body position, a new way to lean, new sensations… And to discover that the bike will work a lot for you, and this will create new trajectory you are not used to see…

After that, only then, it is time to use cones. Then, we will use the previous skills to be able to do an asked trajectory.For example, the U-turn is not only a u-turn, it is a bend, but our approach speed is a little bit to fast, and when you are inside the turn, it turns more, so you have to tighten your trajectory. It is a simulation of a turn that tighten itself, like you can find on mountain roads. So this is one of the latest exercize.

Thoses trainings course can be 2 days long (14h) or 3 days long (14h + and one more day of 6h): it depends only of the time you want in order to learn, because it is a hard training course, there are lot of things to learn to do, and it could take more time from one trainee to another one.