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How to evaluate (click here in french):

The charter (*) gives the set of rules applied to an Anti straight line Pilot. Nobody is perfect, it’s possible that all these rules are not yet mastered by all. Also, there is a wide classification among Anti straight line Pilot : Novice, Confirmed, Brother and Grand Master.
For which of these titles is the one that is best for you, simply make the calculation of the points each rule that you respect reported :

The first article is the most important: the Anti straight line driver must be able to dominate himself for the respect of all. In addition, the accident types occurring in a straight line person who claims Member can not override the sacrosanct rule. The respect of this article first and gives the member a capital of 10 points.

– The following article reflects the ability of the individual to control his machine in technical situation, and therefore prove its adequacy with the bike he straddles. And especially to show self-control in achieving a spot where feel falling will be everywhere. The respect of this article allows the member both receive 6 points.

– Article 3 is also a pillar of the Anti straight line driver: it reflects the different vision of turning that the group wants to convey. And above all, respect underlies reduced cornering speeds. It is obvious that at a high speed, trajectory of the pilot will be long and will be against that desired by the ideology Anti Straight Line Pilot. This article therefore allows three also earn 6 points.

– In Article 4, it focuses on outward signs of compliance. The rear tire of a motorcycle, is the signature of the motor of the machine. If subjected to excessive or too much effort, it bears traces. So drive fast straight line will cut the flat middle: subjected to rolling, the tire heats and therefore erode. And more a wheel turns faster, more heats. Moreover, accelerating, the rear wheel pushes especially soil rearward, creating an even greater friction. So if the tire is flat in the middle, is that one that leads quickly rolls straight. This article helps to provide four additional 4 points.

– Article 5 illustrates the equilibrium capacity but also on the anticipation. To succeed, he obviously should already have a good balance to keep foot when we almost stopped, but it requires good anticipation in order not need to stop violently. This kind of stop (hard braking) not allowing the balance, we must banish respect this article. And see with 4 points in addition to section five.

– A good driving position gives a clear advantage with regard to superior rules. For example, a member who has feet ducks would struggle to comply with Article 3 without filing boots. Similarly, it would be impossible to comply with Articles 2 and 3 if his arms were rigid, as they go away from the sacrosanct principle of « let the bike do ». Article six reflecting compliance with a good driving position assigned three extra points.

– Finally, Article 7 is a reminder that the bike remains a dangerous practice, which should be equipped to best to minimize maximum possible errors of an unhappy. And since we advocate slip in case of loss of control of the vehicle Instead of the shock, it is necessary that the driver has equipment which is resistant to abrasion. This article in September, the simplest, grants 3 points to the one respects that..

The points are well defined, each member can be in the list of titles :
If the sum of all scores between 13 and 18, it is stated « Novice ».
If the sum of all scores between 19 and 25, it is stated « Confirmed ».
If the sum of all scores between 26 and 35, it is stated « Borther » or « Sister ».
If it all points, it is obviously « Grand Master ».

Again, whatever the title that a member is affected, it is his own to give. Not the others who decide the title of each. One of the predominant values of the mentality of Anti Straight Line Driver is self-control, it is not in the interest someone to cheat. Each decides what to accept and what he can still improve.

(*): Note that sections of the Charter are recalled, in comments in the evaluation document